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The environment is our priority, we love our outdoor runs, we recharge with swims in the sea, and we also care about leaving a good and better place for future generations. That's why we chose not only to make the most comfortable outfit for sports practice but also to make the least impact possible.



Check out some of our standards:



All our materials are sustainable techno-fabric. Recycled nylon from synthetic waste in particular from worn-out or abandoned fishing nets that have been turned into quality and durable garments.

We also use Organic Cotton, which uses less water, zero pesticides, and provides a safer working condition for the farmers compared to conventional cotton farming.




Our loved pieces are all produced for responsible small businesses. These cooperative manufacturers care and respect their employers, training and empowering their community, allowing them to work and have better life conditions.




Outstanding quality and durable products are one of our most important missions. We work with minimal designs and a small number of pieces, our idea is to share with you exclusive designs that last long, so you do not need to replace them every season. 

We do not create trends, we play around with comfort, quality, well-being and hips of love to you and Mother Earth.




All our materials and processes are strictly followed to not involve any kind of cruelty, test or impact on any kind of animal.




Australian design, inspired by sports, moments at the beach and trips around the globe. 




All our packages are reusable and biodegradable, made with organic cotton and cassava.



We are doing a little better every single day, with our dreams, with the environment, ourselves, and all around us, so if you have any advice, concerns or a good idea to improve our little brand in some ways let us know.  We support more conscious ways of producing clothes because we love and care for our planet and our people.


We are Consciously connected with what we can offer back to Earth.

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