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Where it all began...

Pura was born from the desire to have the freedom to be myself, to live according to the things I believe in, to do the things I enjoy the most, in my time. To go surfing, to do my sports, to have time for the people I love. It was born from the desire to work to, literally, make the lives of people around me better and happier.

I wanted to live free, wherever, have fun working for something that made sense to me, I wanted to be able to be who I really am at all times.

My history with fashion started when I was very small, probably even in my mother's belly. My mother and maternal grandmother always had a natural talent for fashion, from art, fabrics, sewing and to the most incredible crafts. My grandmother used to make the most wonderful knits ever, desired throughout the city, if it were today she would probably be an influencer on the subject.

So I couldn't be any different growing up in the midst of threads, crochet needles, and all of that. I have memories of my mother's paintings and of spending nights on end accompanying them creating complete outfits for some ball or even my dance costumes.

Along with crafts and fashion, another passion that started very early was practicing sports. I don't even know if it was passion or destiny to be honest. Since I was a baby I had many allergies (asthma, bronchitis) and my parents, instructed by doctors, put me in swimming lessons as early as 3 years old so I learned very young, in practice, that sports are also medicine.

The joy of my father, who is also passionate about sports, made me delighted with competing and I took it seriously for many years. Growing up I also did many types of dance like ballet, tap dance, flamenco, but it was in the water where I felt most found and happy.

I swam professionally for a few years and clubs, I danced for a long time, in fact I still dance to this day. I was enchanted and practiced many sports, like kite surfing, triathlon and many more, but I ended up being in love with surfing, running and more recently with yoga.

Back to fashion... When I was 5 years old I got my first sewing machine for Christmas. It was the most incredible carmin red model with Snoppi print, and it really sewed with a normal needle, it was an unforgettable gift. And amazingly it exists and works to this day!

Well, the story with fashion continued, and much later it ended up in a fashion University, then graduation and jobs in various areas: style, design, production, costumes, stylist and consulting. I think I built a successful career in fashion, but at a certain point I started to question myself and the environment in general and wanted other things in my life and to my life.

I used to live a 'normal' and incredible life. I always had challenges and difficulties, but I never stopped finding beauty in them, however it was a rush. I worked 6 days a week in a multinational company, a television network, I lived 5 hours away from my family, I had the weekends free to rest or enjoy with friends, I lived on a wonderful beach, I visited the family whenever possible, I had that famous 1 month annual vacation in which I always took some trips around, and I always found some time for my sports, although at that moment they weren't the priority they should've been.

Funny how "everyday life" makes us invert our real priorities, well anyway I couldn't complain, however something inside me wasn't satisfied, I didn't know what it was and I didn't know how to explain it either, but there was a restlessness in me, I wanted something more, something different, a purpose. I felt that I worked a lot for things I didn't believe in, I started to question my routine, my attitudes, and consequently my choices. I remember many times thinking "and that's all it will be? ...forever?" I'd then look at my bosses and think "4 maybe 5 years from now, where do I want to be? What professional challenges do I want to take on? Will that make me happy?"

These questions and desires were growing in me, causing me in 2019 to leave my comfort zone, my job, my country of origin, and loved ones, to embark on an adventure around the world looking for purpose, inspiration, knowledge, self-knowledge and a few more things.

It was a time of lots of lessons, discoveries, challenges, overcoming, fun, surrounded by beautiful people and lots of stories to tell.

These stories that I will share with you here on our blog, I hope you enjoy!

And finally, 3 years later on this journey, combining all the experiences acquired from other jobs and studies, with the sports I love, my concepts of life and ethical standards, dreaming, understanding and building a little bit every day I present to you Pura.

Pura means temple in Balinese, and it is also a virtual store full of different, colorfull, mega comfortable, technologic, ecologically correct made (by beautiful and joyful women in Indonesia, a place that has a special place in my heart) sportswear.

Pura is about accepting our own nature, about self-love and especially about being happy.

I want you to search and find your essence, because there is nothing more beautiful and happy than this meeting between you and yourself!

Lots of love,


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