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The environment is one of our priorities, we love our outdoor runs, we recharge with dives in the sea, we also care about leaving a good and better place for future generations. That's why we chose not only to make the most comfortable outfit for sports practice, but also make the least impact possible.

We use sustainable techno-fabric, recycled nylon from synthetic waste in particular from worn out or abandoned fishing nets.


Fishing nets have become a massive problem for marine life, and it is 40% of all plastic waste in the oceans. The nets left behind by fishermen are trapping whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles and other forms of marine life.

But with some clever innovations and technology, we are now using fishing nets to make recycled nylon fabric that is turned into quality garments, which helps reduce pressure on the oceans and their inhabitants by reclaiming marine debris.

We also use Organic Cotton, which uses less water, zero pesticides, and provides a safer working condition for the farmers compared to conventional cotton farming.

All our packages are reusable and biodegradable, made with organic cotton and cassava.

We support more conscious ways of producing clothes that have a much lower strain on the environment because we love and care for our planet and our people.

That's why we also care a lot about the type of production practices of our pieces, which are all made by beautiful and joyful women in Indonesia, a place that has a special place in our hearts.

We are Consciously connected with what we can offer back to Earth.

Live Roots and Find the essence,

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